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3 Holiday-Inspired Libations Recipes

Luscious libations like these are a hallmark of the holiday season.

3 Spiced Autumnal Cocktail Recipes

Autumn kicks off with a trio of libations that are perfectly in sync with the season.

3 Cooling Cocktails to Enjoy This Summer

The first part is all about August in South Florida. The second is all about relief—and here are 3 ways to get it.

3 Libations Straight Out of Paradise

If you can’t make it to the tropical oasis of South Beach, you can still drink like it—thanks to these three recipes

Bartenders Share Recipes to Eye-Catching Cocktails

Ingredients come together splendidly in these three delightful libations

3 Fresh Approaches to Fruit-Forward Cocktails

From passion fruit purée to watermelon candy, this spring’s drinks start with the flavors of nature.

3 Fresh Libations for February

The cocktailing continues long past the holidays with these three luscious libations.

Cheers to the Holidays with Festive Cocktails

Raise your glass to the holidays—and make sure it’s brimming with a yummy libation, like one of the three presented here.






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